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William C. Lewis

William Lewis (Bill) is an 84 year old, third generation Christian. He served in peacetime active duty in the US Naval Reserve, and now has been married to Gen for over 60 years.  They have 3 loving children and all that follows such in the lives of their succeeding generations.  After time with other occupations, he began a preaching career lasting over 30 years in 3 states.  He served as a fulltime staff elder/counselor in a church for over 10 years, having served there faithfully through times far more arduous than typical in these times of Americana.  Later he served as a volunteer Chaplain for 8 years in a prison in Colorado.  Working with others, they defeated entrenched Calvinism and established 2 strong churches. There were over 300 prison inmates converted to Christ and allowed to be baptized. A great deal of time there was working 1 on 1 with the inmates, dealing with faith issues, personal trauma, counseling grief and regret stricken men living otherwise hopeless lives behind steel doors.  Often his work was praying together, peering through the small food tray slot into the eyes of men having lived many years in solitary confinement.  Over 300 men came to understand and believe the gospel message of salvation by Jesus Christ.  Often he sat beside men who were tightly shackled to the wall while notifying them of the death of family members. Bill is no stranger to human suffering, having lived in the trenches, personally witnessing human misery and depravity.

Through his church ministry career he availed himself of numerous lectureships, workshops, on-line courses, and community college courses to educate and orient himself to serving the needs of mankind in a Christian context.  His record demonstrates an ability to comprehend the concepts of the teachings of the Lord above the basic letter of the law through the writings passed down to this era of the church, being assured that we possess the full measure of the knowledge the Lord intends us to have.

Witnessing the growth of the more and more common doctrine of limiting marriage where the Bible does not and where the victims of divorce are condemned and consigned to certain destruction, Bill wrote his first book on the divorce issue. When over 500 copies were sold, he was convinced of the need of far more teaching on the matter. That passion for addressing the need resulted in this new book, co-authored by a long time friend, Doctor Harlan. Receiving numerous letters, phone calls, emails from dozens of responses to his writings, this study guide addresses far more fully the teachings of Jesus on the matter.  



Dr. Harlan is a graduate of Oklahoma Christian College (University) and earned a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Kansas. He completed a General Surgery residency with the University of Kansas and then practiced general surgery in Montana for several years before joining the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for a Plastic Surgery Residency.  Dr. Harlan practiced plastic surgery in Washington State and Montana for twenty years.  John and Karen have been married for 55 years and have 2 grown sons and five  grandchildren. 

Dr. Harlan has dedicated himself to a life-time of belief in Jesus Christ and to a life of service in the churches where he and Karen have been members.  John has served as an elder for several years.  Dr. Harlan has had experience counseling men and women about marital issues, attempting to restore gospel preachers who have left the ministry or have been the victims of divorce.   Being well aware of the diverse opinions and interpretations of what Jesus said about the divorce issue has been the impetus for trying to help those who have lived through divorce and are trying to rebuild their lives with divided families, remarriage and living in blended families. 

Since retiring from active surgical practice, Dr. Harlan  has devoted his time to the church as an elder, and to the Tough Enough To Wear Pink of Montana charity to financially assist women with breast cancer to help them pay for their diagnosis and treatments.

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