William C. Lewis

I am an 82 year old, third generation Christian. I served in peacetime active duty in the US Naval Reserve service.  I am a married man of 60 years with my wife and 3 loving children and all that follows such in the lives of the succeeding generations.  After time with other occupations, I began a preaching career lasting nearly 30 years in 3 states.  I served as a full time, staff elder in a church for over 10 years, having served there faithfully through times far more arduous than typical in these times of Americana, God is my witness.  Later I served as a volunteer Chaplain for 8 years in a prison in Colorado.  Working with others, I helped to defeat entrenched Calvinism and establish 2 strong churches. There we baptized over 300 prison inmates.  Most of the time I worked 1 on 1 with the inmates, dealing with faith issues, personal trauma, counseling grief and regret stricken men living otherwise hopeless lives behind steel doors.  Often I knelt on the concrete floor as we prayed together, peering through the small food tray slot into the eyes of men having lived many years in solitary confinement.  Many men came to understand and believe the gospel message of the Bible which I put into his hands. I sat beside a man on death row as he was tightly shackled to the wall while I notified him of the death of his mother.  I am no stranger to human suffering. I have lived in the trenches.

 I have availed myself of numerous lectureships, workshops, on-line courses, and community college courses to orient myself to serving the needs of mankind in a Christian context. Thus I claim that I am competent a bit more than the average church member in the nuances of the Greek language.  I have demonstrated my ability to comprehend the concepts of the teachings of the Lord above the basic letter of the law.  I am fully persuaded of the veracity of the writings passed down to this era of the church, assured that we possess the full measure of the knowledge the Lord intends us to have.

Throughout my years of serving the Lord, I have witnessed the growth of the more and more common doctrine of limiting marriage where the Bible does not, where divorce is condemned and those involved consigned to certain destruction.  Families are left devastated by man’s theory of what Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount while his teachings in his life ministry have been ignored. I am offering my writings to help any to study this from a fresh perspective. You will be able to establish your status with the Lord and live and serve confidently.