Religious Objects

The Christian's Response to the Divorce Dilemma

by William C. Lewis

A Critical Examination of the Regulations on Marriage & Divorce by Religious Leaders

This book is an excellent study guide for anyone who has come to the church after suffering through a hurtful divorce.  Instead of receiving loving counsel and hope, they experience judgmental condemnation instead. 

It will give them assurances from scripture for a life full and free from guilt.  Many others are there who have found a new life with a godly spouse and yet experience condemnation and social shunning from the church or refused obedience to the gospel in baptism because of an unfortunate fact of a broken marriage in the past.  I would urge them to please consider that there is solid scripture to affirm that their status is not a sinful condition, at least for that reason. So says the Bible, not this author.

​I have personally witnessed elders, Bible class teachers and others unable to answer honest questions regarding this subject.  Knowing in their hearts that the prevailing doctrinal view cannot be harmonized with other Christian principles, and yet not wanting to cause a dissension, simply dismiss the question and leave it in ambiguity.  

​You need to be able to understand the many labels and accusations are not from the teaching of scripture and never again feel like you have been made a second class Christian. There are no labels but “saint” and there are no limitations to your serving the Lord through his church.