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Religious Objects

Jesus and the Divorce Issue

by William C. Lewis
and John W. Harlan M.D.

This book examines the Old Testament prophesy of Jesus in Jeremiah 31 and shows its fulfillment in His teachings and overall ministry as revealed in the New Testament. Special attention is given to the context of the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5,6,7, and the encounter of Jesus with the water carrier woman from Sychar, John 4.  It is a thorough investigation of the context and usage of the word “divorce” from the writings of the Old and New Testament, as well as the Roman culture in the time of the Incarnation of Jesus. It illustrates the theme of the Kingdom principles of obedience to the person of Jesus, rejecting the Law keeping mindset of the 1st Century readers as well as those adherents of today. You will witness the relentless determination of Jesus to offer salvation to all, regardless of their depths of human depravity, in sharp contrast to the requirement of a Law system.   

The thorough research results in a reasonable and total rejection of the church leaders of today who advocate and practice adding legalistic prohibitions and restrictions to those with failed marriages and have remarried. Through the principles of the Sermon on the Mount, it is obvious Jesus intends to change hearts, rather than add heavy burdens and restrictive laws to keep the Christian’s marriage intact and pure. 

The many case history examples cited illustrate the fallacy of applying rules which apply to all situations, punishing the victim or victims as harshly as the violators of the marriage covenant. Certainly, no “hard and fast” rule can be the intent of the Master and Creator of marriage from the beginning of time.  Human relationship failures of any kind can only be prevented by the principles of Kingdom living.

Faithful, practicing Christians will be reminded of the responsibility we have to demonstrate to  the world the relationship of Christ to his church by living out the godly roles of husbands and wives, Ephesians 5:32. If the church cannot reverse the divorce plague darkening our culture, who will?

Reading this book will give you the confidence you need to answer those who would otherwise blindside you with their demands to discipline and condemn those who need godly counsel, after already being subjected to the emotional trauma of the divorce process. Many church leaders innocently go along with the misguided enforcers of the manmade rules, having never studied the matter from the view of redemption and forgiveness that Jesus offers.  This study will leave no doubt in your mind as to the truth of what Jesus taught on the matter.

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